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Tarot Hunter’s Salt Rounds:

  • Moving forward requires seeing thing clearly. Make sure to remove your blindfold or you may stumble more than necessary.
  • Strategic retreats are often beneficial and crucial to further growth. Don’t let yourself be blocked from seeing the truth in your current situation.
  • Wariness and guardedness can be effective defense mechanisms. They can also prevent you from seeing opportunities and paths that lie ahead. Sometimes letting your guard down is beneficial & healthy; the right move.

TarotHunter’s Silver Bullets:

  • Choosing to focus on your craft may limit you in other ways but may ultimately be satisfying in a deep, soulful way.
  • Our skills and talents can be enriched and enhanced by working with and learning from others. I’ve learned the most while teaching others.
  • Is pursuing this skill is your best option? Explore the choices and paths available to you. Think about what can be gained by following each. Then select the one you believe will satisfy you on an emotional and spiritual level. Ask yourself if this choice will help you continue on your life path. Although you might have invested much time and effort into this project, does it still provide the same sense of fulfillment and joy? If not, perhaps it’s time to move forward.

TarotHunter’s Silver Bullets:

  • Honing your craft can bring new joys into your life.
  • When you truly love what you do it is an expression of your true self not merely a chore.
  • Practice may make perfect but sometimes the quest for perfection prevents us from enjoying the good. The process, the journey and the knowledge gained from mistakes can open us up to more joy than perfection ever will.


My youngest brother has been imprisoned and I need to save him.  I’m not sure where he is but I’m afraid he’s being tortured and hurt and it’s driving me a little crazy.  What can we (my brother Sam and me) do to help Adam and free him from this situation? – Dean Winchester

Hi Dean,

Thank you so much for entrusting me to do this reading for you.  I’m so sorry to hear about this situation with your youngest brother and I will do what I can to answer your question.  I pulled three cards in answer to your query:

What is Adam’s current situation?  6 of Pentacles reversed suggests that Adam might not need your help.  He might not where you fear that he is.  Looking at the figure on this card I am struck by the sense that he is moving towards the sun, the light above his head. He’s moving towards something, not being held in place.

Factors influencing this situation?  2 of Pentacles reversed – I believe this card reflects your own sense of being off-balance and out of sync.  You feel guilty about this situation and are carrying that weight on your shoulders.  As a result you’re off your game.

Next best move?  3 of Cups suggests that what you really need to do is celebrate.  Maybe these three figures represent you and your brothers.  Perhaps Adam is already free and now you can celebrate that fact. 


Adam Milligan is the half-brother of Sam & Dean Winchester, the result of a relationship their father had with Kate Milligan while on a hunt.  Sam & Dean did not learn of Adam’s existence until Season 4 and by then it’s too late.  Adam is brought back into their lives when the angels try to use Adam as Michael’s vessel because Dean refuses to be.  At this point we learn that Winchester bloodline is what allows them to act as hosts for archangels – Dean was created to be Michael’s perfect vessel and Sam was created to be Lucifer’s perfect vessel.  Adam Milligan or John Winchester might be acceptable but imperfect substitutes.  

Adam is believed to be in a cage in Hell trapped with Michael the archangel and Lucifer.  However, I believe that while Adam’s body might be in Hell, his soul already ascended into Heaven.  According to Castiel, an angel, in Season 10, when a vessel (a host body used by an angel) is destroyed its original inhabitant’s soul is released.  Adam’s body was destroyed in the Season 5 finale by a Molotov cocktail using holy oil (which can fry angels “extra crispy”).  His body is brought backed with Michael now inhabiting it but it is my belief that Adam’s soul remained in Heaven.  Once he gave permission for Michael to inhabit his body, I don’t believe his soul was needed anymore.  So Adam’s soul is not trapped in the Cage the way Sam’s was, so he does not need to be saved.

If you’d like to learn more about the show visit the Supernatural Wiki

You can also watch all 12 seasons of the show on Netflix.  

Sheila O’Malley also offers some amazing recaps on episodes from the first three seasons (well she’s working on Season 3).  I highly recommend reading them!!.

Memories gush forth

Torrential flood of the past

Heart embracing all

CotD 5 of Stones (Greenwood Tarot)

Brilliant streaks of light

Searing, distracting, blinding

Can’t see passed the flash

Card of the Day – Page of Cups

Exploring my soul

Wings spread, seeking my heart’s truth

Sometimes finding worms

Regrouping & rebuilding

Just a quick update for any and all who might be interested.  I haven’t been updating my blog lately because I seem to be on a journey of inner transformation since returning from Reader’s several weeks ago. 

I feel as though I’m being broken down and rebuilt on a molecular level.  I’m not sure how I’ll be at the end of this process but I feel strongly that it will come to a head by my 50th birthday in late July. 

Who knows, maybe the divine us remaking me into a Crone!  I am excited and curious to see how things turn out.  Please stay tuned!

Vision Tarot - 7 of Wands

Have you ever done a burlesque act? You know what I mean, done a song and dance number to hide the truth about yourself from someone else? It’s probably a defense mechanism you’ve developed to protect yourself after feeling hurt of victimized at various points in your life. I do it all the time. I joke about the pain and difficult experiences I’ve gone through to deflect questions I’m uncomfortable answering. I don my “tough broad” armor to repel any attempts to breach my defenses and get to the heart of me.

I realize this can be counter-productive simply because it’s creates situations in which I’m isolated and feel abandoned but that’s my own doing. I create self-fulfilling prophecies in which I don’t let people in because I’m afraid to trust them but then when I need them no one is there because I pushed them away. In my script, however, I’ve been “abandoned”. It’s screwy and I own it but I’m also taking steps to change this pattern. Quite frankly I didn’t even realize how often I do this until I was reading several blog posts by Sheila O’Malley about this tendency in the Dean Winchester character on Supernatural. As I was reading her analysis something clicked in my brain and I realized how often I do exactly the same thing. I think Dean and I might both be like Charles Durning’s character in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas – dancing my little side step.

Druidcraft 7 of Wands

This can be diverting and a very useful survival tool for brief periods of time. Over the long haul it can eventually create more problems than it solves. As I mentioned, when you are constantly burlesquing people don’t know when to take you seriously. They aren’t sure what is a true issue versus a humorous skit. I’ve done this myself, I make my pain into a comedy routine so people are never sure how serious the pain is. Hell, sometimes neither am I. Don’t misunderstand, I’ll never completely give up the burlesque act because it also serves as a filter – people who are repelled by the burlesque act probably aren’t folks I want to incorporate into my life anyway. Those that are willing to stick around will eventually see the more serious me. In fact they may quickly grow to regret that. Either way the point is that there isn’t anything wrong with putting on a burlesque act. I think it can be healthy and a powerful survival tool. It only becomes problematic when you can’t stop the act; you can’t allow anyone beyond those defenses. It might seem safer but I imagine it’s a lot lonelier too.

Transformational Tower

Transformational Tower

Transformational Tarot
Created by by Arnell Ando
Published by US Games (2006) ISBN:1572815396

The Book says: Escape from prison and all that it implies. Renewal through the acto of detruction. Defeat of false, rigid of outdated beliefs. Forcing oneself to live in an extreme conrary to the true self and so the pendulum swings back violently. Abrupt change or unforseen disruption. Could indicate the severing of a relationship where growth and change were actively discouraged. This card does not stand for the realization, but instead, the cause. If a person is not psychologlically or emotionally prepared for such an abrupt and often disruptive change, she or he may regress, becoming disoriented and confused, and it may seem difficult to recover from the fall. If, however one is aware of the need for such a change to occur or can regard fate objectively, they will rise above the circumstances and experience a deep awakening.

TarotBroad’s Buzz:

At first glance the chaos visible in this card is a bit overwhelming, but once you are able to focus on one or two pieces of the image its message becomes clearer.

Kali is often considered a goddess of destruction and death, trampling Shiva in the ecstasy of her dance. She is also the matron goddess of the Thugees – a cult of cutthroats and thieves. She seems like a dark, scary, dangerous kind of goddess.

Kali is also a creator, clearing away so that regeneration can begin. She helps us break free of beliefs, views and concepts which hold us imprisoned. She forces us to reassess & reevaluate our lives and shakes the foundation of our world. Kali destroys the illusions we cling to so fiercely and frees us to see the world from a new perspective.

Of course this process is neither easy or painless. It can feel like we are being deconstructed, torn down to the bone and then slowly re-fleshed again, It is a process which leaves us feeling raw exposed and vulnerable. This is rarely a pleasant experience and is certainly not one most of us will rush to embrace. However it is a learning experience and a transformative one. We can learn so much about ourselves from these moments – our true selves, not the personas we adapt for our various roles in life. Tower moments can provide us with the opportunity to face who we are at our core – ugly, exposed and genuine. This isn’t necessarily a pretty experience but it can offer us a change to change who we’ve been into who we want to truly be.


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