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CotD – 3 of Wands (Zerner-Farber)

Merged fires brightly burn

Combined forces achieve goals

Creative furnace

CotD – Queen of Wands (Zerber-Farber)

Flirty and charming

She warms your heart and body

Her smile hides her depths

CotD – 7 of Wands (Zerner-Farber)

I defend the wall

Defeating all challengers

Fierce guard of my heart

How ironic – several years ago in a Rachel Pollack class about Tarot and relationships and how we respond to/reflect love, this is the card I drew.  Hmm, maybe I gave issues. 😵😉

CotD – Ace of Wands (Zerner-Farber)

Raw, unharnessed fire

Untapped creativity

Potential flares bright

CotD – Queen of Wands (Bohemian Gothic)

Brazen charming flirt
Brash color in a grey world

Charismatic queen

CotD – 3 of Wands (Bohemian Gothic)

Gaze to the future

Energy sent out returns

New projects await

CotD – 4 of Wands (Bohemian Gothic)

Waiting in the night

Festivities begin soon

Dark sky embraces

CotD – 10 of Wands (Bohemian Gothic)

Carrying my load

These shadows a weight I bear

Pressing on my soul

Barren, desolate

Seared wasteland of a lost soul

Strangely beautiful

CotD – 3 of Wands (Tarot of the Crone)

Magical cauldron

Creativity snakes forth

Searing, transforming


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