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#TarotCotD – 4 of Disks (Arcus Arcanum)

My things clenched in hand

Holding on tight as I can

Still they slip away

Things, I have plenty

Weighing down my soul, my heart

Trapping me in gilt


Weighed down by burdens

Still, I trudge forward arms full

Tasks undone, not fun

CotD – 4 of Pentacles (Zerner-Farber) 

I cling to my things

Seeking comfort and solace

But find myself trapped

CotD – Queen of Pentacles (Zerner-Farber)

Let my hands comfort

Sink into my soothing nest

Nurturing and warm

Riding to my goal

Even headless I remain

Stable and steady

CotD -4 of Pentacles (Bohemian Gothic)

Clinging to old ways

Illusions of youth and grace

Stubbornly obtuse

Nothing left but bones

Yet still I protect, I guard

Safety, love lingers

Enter my kitchen

Enjoy my abundant gifts

Wrap yourself in home

CotD – 6 of Disks (Tarot of the Crone)


Gazing into space

What truth is revealed to me 

Giver or taker?


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