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Tarot Hunter’s Salt Rounds:

  • You’ve become the possessed rather than the possessor.  Your “things” have taken over your life.
  • You feel safe in your tower but the reality is that you’ve imprisoned yourself.
  • It’s time for the hoarding to stop.  More “stuff” does not equal more happiness.  Purge!

#TarotCotD – 5 of Pentacles

Tarot Hunter’s Silver Bullets

  • There is no shame in asking for help.  Don’t let a false sense of pride keep you out in the cold.
  • Most people struggle with money issues at some point.  Make sure you explore all possible resources.
  • Don’t let your health suffer due to financial setbacks.  It’s easier to prevent illness than to cure it.

Tarot Hunter’s Silver Bullets

  • Plan an outdoor day with the family.  Play in the park, visit the zoo, connect with nature in some way.
  • Realize this is a pause for you to appreciate before you move on to the next level.  Your family & friends are good, you have the physical things you need.  What is the next challenge for you to pursue?
  • Arrange some physical activity with friends – a casual game of football or basketball, a run in the park – something physical that allows you to reconnect with your friends and yourself.

Tarot Hunter’s Silver Bullets

  • Reviewing your accomplishments can help put things into perspective.
  • Allow yourself to pause and appreciate where you are in your life.  
  • Remember those material possessions do not necessarily equal happiness and fulfillment.  Don’t let “things” trick you into complacency.

Tarot Hunter’s Silver Bullets:

  • Past instances of ungenerosity can come back to bite you in the ass
  •  Odds are if you’re being cheap with others, you’re shortchanging yourself as well
  • Only Daffy Duck can get away with that “Mine, mine, mine” attitude.  Stinginess breeds resentment.

Tarot Hunter’s Silver Bullets:

  • Reciprocity is important; be open to receiving as well as giving.
  • Being too generous or too greedy can both create problems.  Balance is the key.
  • Stop begging!  Get off your butt and do something!  Take responsibility for you life and your choices.

TarotHunter’s Silver Bullets

  • Balancing your life is tricky but fun.
  • Successfully juggling our priorities requires more attention than we realize.
  • It can be so easy to focus so much attention on the balls we’re juggling that we miss the obstacles around our feet.  Be cautious, not cocky.


TarotHunter’s Silver Bullets

  • Don’t rest on your laurels; keep striving towards new goals.
  • If we no longer have goals to achieve, we risk stagnation.
  • Hard work and focus is important but they’re not the only thing.  Don’t lose sight of family & friends in your pursuit of your goals.


Tarot Hunter’s Silver Bullets:

  • Take time to enjoy what is in your life right now
  • Appreciate family and the blessings you’ve been given
  • It’s our loved ones and our experiences that enrich our lives, not the things we acquire

#TarotCotD – 4 of Disks (Arcus Arcanum)

My things clenched in hand

Holding on tight as I can

Still they slip away


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