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CotD – 3 of Cups (Arcus Arcanum Tarot)

Joy!  Overflowing!

Filling hearts and cleansing souls

Beloved, cherished friends

CotD – 8 of Hearts (Zerner-Farber)

Heartbreak showers down

Emptiness, sorrow remain

As I walk away

CotD – 9 of Hearts (Zerner-Farber)

Surrounded by love

Heart full of transcendent joy
My wishes came true

CotD – Queen of Hearts (Zerner-Farber)

Let me heal your heart

Nurture & comfort your soul

Renew joy & love

Come, let me soothe you

Let my harp bring joy and peace

My cup cleanse your heart

CotD – 7 of Cups (Bohemian Gothic)

Eyes to the night sky

Pondering options for fun

Mischief is a choice

CotD – 6 of Cups (Bohemian Gothic)

Vivid memories

Childhood’s ghosts always revered

Today fades away

CotD – Page of Cups (Bohemian Gothic)

Walking through darkness

Beginning the heart’s journey

Explore emotions


CotD – 6 of Cups (Tarot of the Crone)

Pouring soul into heart

Connecting with mysteries

Sacred rituals

CotD – 3 of Cups (Tarot of the Crone)

Nestled in my heart

Always cherished, beloved, known

Connected spirits


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