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Your lantern has dimmed

You trail blazed, others followed

Let them take the lead

#TarotCotD – 4 of Disks (Arcus Arcanum)

My things clenched in hand

Holding on tight as I can

Still they slip away

#TarotCotD – The Moon (Arcus Arcanum)

Lead me through darkness

Reveal what hides in shadows

Don’t let me get lost

Your charms have left me

Beaten into submission

Head bowed in defeat

#TarotCotD – The Sun (Arcus Arcanum)

Dancing in sunlight

Feeling Sunna’s warming rays

Confidence floods me

Things, I have plenty

Weighing down my soul, my heart

Trapping me in gilt


Weighed down by burdens

Still, I trudge forward arms full

Tasks undone, not fun

#TarotCotD – King of Cups (Arcus Arcanum)

Strong, loving ruler  

Sage counselor of the soul

Heart wise, peacekeeper

Heart’s blood flows no more

Swords of betrayal withdrawn

Move forward and heal

CotD – 3 of Cups (Arcus Arcanum Tarot)

Joy!  Overflowing!

Filling hearts and cleansing souls

Beloved, cherished friends


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