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Okay, I am getting bored with asking the same questions for my Card of the Day readings.  So I decided to start pulling a rune each day and developing a question from that.


Today I drew Eihwaz

Meaning:  Eihwaz, a shamanic rune bearing the secret mysteries of life and death, represents the giant yew tree that supports the Nine Worlds.  Its transcendent nature allows for communication and travel between different realms of being.  Eihwaz is also a rune of mighty endurance against the forces of evil.

Affirmation:  Life moves to death, but I stand strong and tall as the yew tree.  Evil cannot crush my spirit.  (Stephen McNallen)

A “rough tree” on the outside, and perhaps the hardest of all the runes to fully understand, Eihwaz is the “keeper of the fire”: the hidden, but all-holding might of runic wisdom. As Jera embodies the interaction of opposites and the gradual growth of understanding, so does Eihwaz embody the melding of opposites and the lightning flash of revealing at the completion of initiation. The yew is known to the folk as the tree of death, having been planted in cemeteries until this day.

Eihwaz strengthens the will. It is the might which holds memory and purpose through death and rebirth, and it may be used to call upon wisdom and might from earlier existences. You can learn from both other dead and the dead whose knowledge and power have been passed on and hidden in your own soul.  (Teutonic Magic by Kvelduf Gundarrson)

So my question become: What is the limit of my personal power?  3 of Swords (Vikings & Old Path)


The number 3 symbolizes the generative force, creative power, multiplicity, and forward movement.  They are about planning and preparing, putting the details into place before beginning the work.  The suit of Swords is associated with reason, thought, logic, will, courage, verbal skill, matters pertaining to the mind, communication and the element of air.  It can represent getting all your plans and thoughts assembled in a coherent manner before presenting them to the public.  It’s about deciding how to incorporate these plans and ideas into your current lifestyle.  The 3 of Swords can also indicate a conflict of the heart or a flash of insight that allows the seeker to perceive a situation for what it is.  Sometimes it suggests a sense of betrayal and heartbreak, something that our mind thought would come true has failed.

This card answers my question on two different levels.  On one level is the idea that the limit of my personal power is my own ability to plan, communicate and move forward with my creative energy and power.  It’s reflects the need to think and plan and then move forward.  Many times I have a tendency to act first and think later.  That limits my personal power because by not considering all the factors and possible alternatives, I’m denying myself the benefits of actually manifesting my plans and seeing them through to fulfillment.  I think a portion of this is due to the fact that sometimes I get distracted or I lose interest in the concept for the time being.  I need to find a way to coherently and creatively make plans and follow through on them.  Otherwise I’m limiting my personal power.

On another level this card can be seen to represent betrayal and heartbreak.  In the context of this question I think this card serves as a reminder that one of the limits of my personal power is how others act towards me.  I cannot control how other behave (and that’s probably a good thing) but that means that sometimes I will be hurt by what others do and I can’t change that or control it.  My personal power lies in how I handle those types of situations and in how I behave towards other to prevent them from betraying me.  That can be tricky because sometimes we can’t be sure what will trigger betrayal from someone we trust.


The Legacy of the Divine Magician looks like an intense, focused older man.  Somehow I get the sense he is so involved in his magical workings that he has no idea what is going on around him.  He may be able to command the elements to do his bidding but can he get his daughter to listen to him?  I don’t think so.

Looking at the image on Tarot of the Crone’s Magician I was struck by how frightening it initially appears.  One almost gets the sense that the fierce looking creature on the cards is just waiting to devour you.  When I look in the creature’s eyes, I am struck by a twinkle there.  It almost feels as though this fierce creature is laughing at me – mocking my fear and my arrogance; teasing me.  Am I afraid of what lies through the creature’s mouth?  Maybe, just maybe, I am.

The common thread to both these cards for me is that sense of getting lost in yourself; becoming so enthralled with your own brilliance and power that you lose sight of the rest of the world.  It is one of the things we often seen in scientific research (especially in movies and novels) – the scientific researchers are so enraptured by their quest for knowledge that they give no consideration to how it will be used.  Alfred Nobel created the Nobel prizes an in effort to ameliorate the damage caused by his invention – dynamite.  I’ve heard tales that J. Robert Oppenheimer, the man who lead the Manhattan Project which developed the first atomic bomb, was, at best, a mixed blessing.

The reason I brought these men up is because that is often how I feel about magical work.  Sometimes it can be scary to see your goals and desires manifested in reality.  If we are powerful and magical enough to create our own destiny and birth our dreams into life, then why do things go wrong?  If I can control the elements and my surroundings, then is it my fault when I do not get the outcome I desire and worked towards?  Sometimes it easy to think that way but I think that is the arrogance and ego that I sometimes see reflected in this card – a case of “I’m as powerful as a god” complex.  And I suppose it is easy to fall into this trap if you’re not careful.  One thing I’m learning in life, as a result of various factors, is that there are things beyond my control and no amount of magical working will change them.  So what is probably more useful to me right now is to change the things I can.  As the saying goes, I cannot change how someone else behaves, I can only change how I react to their behaviors.  Maybe that’s what I need to focus on today.


This is the third time this card has appeared for me this month – once upright and twice reversed.  Obviously she has a message that I need to hear.  Looking at the image on Ciro’s Legacy of the Divine I see the image of the lovely Natashia, a lady I’ve had the pleasure at meeting at several past Readers Studios.  Knowing the story behind this card, it speaks to me of joy, love and healing; washing away the past so that the future can be full of happiness and laughter not pain and anger.

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince calls her Grandmother of Cups Godmother.  Another concept with interesting connotations to me.  My godmother is my mother’s aunt.  I’m very fond of her and we chat on the phone occasionally but our relationship has never been very close.  She had seven sons to raise and once my grandmother (her sister) passed away, our contact with that side of the family became minimal.  I always knew my godmother loved me, but we just didn’t get the chance to connect very often.  When we are together, my godmother is warm, funny and loving.

What I find these two cards have in common is a sense of joy, happiness and love.  They both offer a sense of knowing that life isn’t always fun and games but managing to keep a smile anyway.  She represents knowing the darkest sides of human nature but being able to focus on the light.  She speaks of washing clean those festering wounds that we carry within ourselves so that we can heal and become whole again.  It’s about being able to love and embrace the people in our lives and the world, even when they’re not especially lovable.

This is  a sorely atrophied part of my nature.  It’s something I’m working on but before I could love most of the world, I had to learn to love and embrace myself.  It’s been a slow process but I’m getting there.  I think the Queen of Cups is reminding me that every so often it’s okay to focus on myself a bit.  She’s also reminding me that I might find it beneficial to reconnect with some of these loving, laughing women in my life.  I can probably learn a thing or two from them.

I love the eye coming at me from the center of the Ace of Swords in Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s Tarot of the Crone.  For some reason that symbol spoke to me quite clearly today in terms of the Ace of Swords power and message.  Today might be a good day to take a clear-sighted, realistic view at things in my life right now and see where changes can be made.  The eagles soaring around Ciro’s Ace of Swords in Legacy of the Divine Tarot is a reminder that sometimes you have to rise above the situation in order to see the full picture.  Limited sight prevents us from making decisions based on all the factors and can result in a different outcome that the one we desire.

In my case, I think this is also a kick in the ass.  There are some practical, reasonable changes I need to make in my life right now (especially pertaining to diet and health) and I’m putting it off simply because I’m being lazy and uninspired.  Instead of just picking up the sword (in this case a pen) and writing down what I need to do, I’m procrastinating.  I can offer dozens of reasons why this is the case but the bottom line is that I’m not focusing on the big picture; instead I’m getting lost in the here and now.  The benefits from these changes won’t be apparently immediately and I’m at a point in my life where immediate gratification is winning all the battles.

So how can I convince myself to take the steps necessary and make the changes that I know will have long-term and long-lasting repercussions?  This card holds the answer to that question too – one step at a time.  I have to take that first step.  Once I’m stable and comfortable on that first step then I can take a second step.  I don’t need to climb the staircase in one move.  Baby steps might be the best approach to this situation because I can allow myself to acclimatize to these changes and make sure that they last.  Then I can soar with the eagles instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off or hiding my head in the sand like an ostrich.




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