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BoS As Above 7 of FireBoS As Above World

Curiouser and curiouser.  The 7 of Fire shows Uranus whom Barbara calls the “Crazy Genius of the Skies”.  She describes this card as symbolizing sudden big changes sometimes accompanied by radical, impulsive behavior.  In Greek mythology Uranus is the primordial sky god whose mating with the earth mother Gaia produce the Titans, the Hekatonkheires and the Cyclopes.  He was eventually castrated and overthrown by his son Cronus (who was in turn overthrown by his son Zeus).  Astrologically, the planet Uranus is considered the planet of rebellion, an awakener and quirky innovator.  Based on this I would have to consider that the 7 of Fire is showing that if we wish to interact with the extraterrestrials in a more effective and positive manner, we first need to change our perceptions and attitudes.  We need to embrace the fact that this might seem silly to some.  It may force us to explore crazy, quirky or innovative creative ways to connect with the energies of the Otherworld.

If the extraterrestrials serve the Dark Goddess and live in a shadowy Otherworld then perhaps their communication style is one we would not recognize as such.  Perhaps that is what has created some of the challenges we’ve hit so far.  We speak different languages and translation is not easy.  We may need to turn our typical approaches on their head in order to understand the extraterrestrials’ message.

The World reversed is a reminder that just because we can’t see these Otherworldly creatures, that doesn’t negate their existence.  Sometimes humanity views itself as the sole ruler and/or savior of the planet.  We are arrogant enough to believe that we can destroy the planet and we can save it.  In reality, I think the Earth will do just fine with or without humanity.  We serve a purpose right now but if we become too parasitic I am confident Mama Gaia will shrug us off like useless fleas.  There are other sentient beings on this planet and our ability to see or interact with them doesn’t impact their reality.  We don’t have to believe in them for them to exist.

Right now our relationship may be unbalanced because we have pushed things too far; taken more than our fair share of the resources.  We can fix this but one of the biggest problems is population growth and there is not easy answer for that.  How does one tell others they cannot reproduce?  That would be almost impossible to legislate or enforce.  If we wish to bring harmony and balance back to the planet, we need to find ways to work with the energies of the elementals, the extraterrestrials, the fairies – call them what you will.  The children of the Dark Goddess, residents of the Otherworld may help us see things from a different perspective.  Perhaps that will enable us to find creative, beneficial ways to heal the planet and our relationship with our fellow inhabitants.

BoS As Above 2 of Cups BoS As Above Elemental of Air

2 of Water shows a couple staring at each other over chalices (the couple is actually Aphrodite and Eros which is a bit disturbing as they are mother & son).  The appear to be gazing at each other, into each other’s eyes, while doves flutter overhead.  Being reversed I think this card’s answer to my question is that if we ignore the messages the extraterrestrials bring we are eventually going to damage the relationship beyond repair.  Right now they may be forgiving because we have not been capable of grasping it but their tolerance may soon reach an end.

The Elemental of Air suggests two things to me.  The first is that if we ignore their message, the extraterrestrials will try different ways of communicating with us, ways which may not be pleasant.  I get the sense that direct communication with us is not easily done so they rely on dreams, divination and other indirect means.  Even if they have kidnapped humans they rarely leave clear evidence.  The abductee is left feeling unsure exactly what happened.

The imagery of the Elemental of Air gave me a different sense.  I was reminded of Storm from Marvel’s X-Men.  She is a mutant who can control wind and weather.  Although this winged elemental seems non-threatening, I get the sense that she is capable of becoming quite fierce should the need arise.  If alternate methods of communication fail to achieve the desired result, the otherworld and elementals might take more drastic action to gain our attention.  Perhaps that is already going on with some of the weather we’ve been having lately.

I don’t necessarily see this reading as indicating disaster if we ignore the extraterrestrials message but I do believe it will make things uncomfortable and awkward.  I believe they are trying to save us and themselves and they aren’t giving up yet.   Perhaps the real danger is not what the extraterrestrials will do to us if we don’t listen, it is what we will do to ourselves.  I don’t perceive the extraterrestrials as being intentionally dangerous to humans.  However there are often unintended consequences in life.  The real problem is that if we don’t heed what they are trying to tell us, we may self-destruct and take them with us.  They appear to be tied into our reality without having much ability to directly influence it.  Geez, that must be frustrating.  Let’s hope we learn some lessons and hear their message before it’s too late.

BoS As Above 10 of Water BoS As Above Elemental of Fire

Looking at the image of Hecate Trevia standing beneath an eclipsed moon, the song Black Hole Sun began playing in my head.  I got the sense that the extraterrestrials bring us a message from the dark side, the otherworld.  This card reinforce my belief that they serve the Dark Goddesses.  They bring messages from the dark world to the light.  This card also connects to Mabon, which I drew on Monday, because Hecate plays a role in the drama of Persephone and Demeter.  She is one of the Greek goddesses associated with the Otherworld.  She traverses the road between the worlds and can provide a bridge.  The torches she carries suggest that she can light the path through the darkness if we are wise enough to listen.

The Elemental of Fire shows a salamander winding along a path surrounded by lit torches or candles.  Again I get the sense of elemental energies that can help us navigate the pathways between our world and the Otherworld if we are wise enough to follow.  This salamander appears almost friendly as he walks towards us.  He is unafraid of the fire because he is of the fire just as he is unafraid of the Dark world because that is his native land.  If we fear the unknown, he can help us find our way through this dark land.

The fact that both these cards are reversed suggests that the extraterrestrials are growing tired with out refusal to listen and heed their message.  We may exist in different dimensions but our actions impact their world too.  They may not be able to directly influence us but they may be trying to warn us about potentially catastrophic consequences if we continue on this path.  Hecate offers us choices – there are three paths beneath the eclipsed moon/black hole sun.  Which path we take is up to us but she can help illuminate some of the consequences that will result from each choice, if we are willing to listen.

I also got a sense the Elemental of Fire can be quite dangerous if provoked.  I can’t say why but the image of volcanic eruptions flashed across my brain when thought about the reversed nature of this card.  He is trying to help us avoid such a fate but if we continue down this path the results might prove disastrous.

On another level, if I consider the more traditional meanings of these cards the extraterrestrials are trying to tell us that we are not one big happy family.  The relationship between our world and theirs is strained and in danger.  The Elemental of Fire may be showing that our immature attitude towards the energies we explore may prove dangerous.  Sometimes we become so wrapped up in the quest for knowledge we fail to see the potential negative consequences.  I think these cards are reminding us we need to maintain a healthy relationship with other creatures who share this planet (even those in alternate dimensions).  We also need to be more responsible in our approach to energy, creativity and ideas.  Before unleashing them on the world we should consider the potential dangers and consequences.  Of course we don’t necessarily need extraterrestrials to tell us this.

BoS As Above Omens BoS As Above Crone of Water

Hmm, these cards suggest a hidden, slightly darker answer to the question than I anticipated.  Is their purpose to warn humans and gift us with omens about potential catastrophes?  Or are they the bringers of these disasters?  A claim could certainly be made that some encounters with these otherworldly beings can devastate those who experience them.  Is this due to human fear of the unknown or malevolent intent on the part of the extraterrestrial?

The Crone of Water seems like a somewhat harsh, world-weary persona.  She holds a bottle in her hands that may hold a healing draught or may hold sometimes toxic.  Based on her expression it’s hard to determine.  Perhaps the draught can be both depending upon the intent of the drinker.  Is is she whom the extraterrestrials serve?  Perhaps, like their lady, the extraterrestrials offer salvation or damnation to humanity depending upon how we interact with them and use their gifts.

I don’t fully comprehend the message of these two cards just yet and I don’t know that I’m meant to either.  I think this is going to be an interesting area to explore in other Tarot readings throughout the week.  On some level I don’t want to spoil the anticipation.  I’m curious to see what additional insights turn up about this topic.

Right now I get the sense that these extraterrestrials serve the Dark Mother, the hidden lady who energies are initially seen as negative but are eventually revealed to be a boon.  Very much like the experience portrayed on the Omens card, sometimes the damage we fear and try to prevent proves to be life enhancing, essential and revelatory.

BoS As Above Mabon BoS As Above Elements

Okay, so I’ve been gorging myself on A&E and History Channels shows about UFOs and aliens.  I’m a fan of pretty much any conspiracy theory involving the government covering up visits by aliens.  At the same time I realize that in modern society, the prevalence of video cameras, smart phones and assorted other technology makes it unlikely these events would pass undocumented.  I’m also a huge fan of The Mothman Prophecies book and the assertions suggested by John Keel that creatures such as these may not be extraterrestrial at all but rather originate from a different dimension on Earth (at least I think that’s what he posited – it’s been a while since I’ve read the book.  Several years ago I also read Janet Bord’s book Fairies which points out that the same types of experiences that used to be connected with fairies are now associated with alien abduction.  Her suggestion is that the space age has transformed fairies into aliens but that they are essentially the same beings.

This made me wonder so I decided to ask the Tarot.  Today I simply asked “What are extraterrestrials?”  I received quite an interesting answer.  The cards I drew from the Book of Shadows As Above Tarot are Mabon (Justice in a traditional deck) crossed by Elements (The Magician) reversed.  The traditional meanings of these cards might offer some insight in this reading but what jumped out at me is the visuals.  Mabon shows Demeter sitting in the sunlit world while Persephone reaches out towards her from the darkness of the Underworld – both connected at a deep level yet unable to breach that divide in this moment.  I think this symbolizes the relationship humans have with these otherworldly beings.  We are the ones inhabiting the sunlit, above world while they exist in a hidden, shadowy underworld.  They can reach out to us and sometimes we can hear them but other times the road between the worlds cannot be traversed.

The image on Elements was even more striking because it doesn’t matter if it’s reversed, that simply changes which elemental symbols are on the top of the card.  Regardless of orientation two elements are reversed at any given time.  This struck me as a truly powerful message.  It suggested to me that extraterrestrials are not from another world but part of our own.  Their energies are simply different from human energies.  Perhaps they are elementals or have learned to use the elements in a different way to alter their reality and how we perceive them.

In my core I am convinced that these cards are telling me that what we call extraterrestrials are simply otherworldly (to us) children of the Earth.  They exist on a different plane of existence and sometimes we cross over into their realm and they into ours.  These beings are not necessarily superhuman but they possess different skills and powers to our own and can seem frighteningly inhuman to us.  Their priorities are different and sometimes we can communicate and reach an alliance.  Perhaps we are so wrapped up in the perceived reality of our above ground, sunlit world that we fail to even notice them in the dark, hidden spaces.  When we pay attention or when they feel the need, contact can be made.

I don’t necessarily think this invalidates the idea that life exists on other worlds.  In fact I think it’s arrogant of humans to assume Earth has the only life in the Universe.  However I do believe that many encounters with fairies, aliens, extraterrestrials (call it what you will) are in fact the result of encounters with these Otherworldly, Underworldly beings.  Or maybe I simply read too many fantasy, sci if and alien encounter books.

BoS As Above 7 of AirBoS As Above 4 of Cups

The 7 of Air shows the coins of the I-Ching, an ancient Chinese oracle.  I’m familiar with it although I’ve never used it.  In the companion book Barbara explains that the Yin-Yang energy of the I-Ching should be the focus when this card appears.  It suggests that the question already has the answer in it.  In other words, I already know the answer to this and just need to focus on applying it.

The 4 of Cups reversed shows Brigid once again this time in her healer aspect.  She is holding a chalice towards me with her left hand and a small flame hovers above her right.  Whether I choose to accept the chalice is up to me.  However I get the sense that if I want to move forward and heal myself in this area I need to accept the chalice.

One of the things I’ve realizing from the cards I’ve pulled this week is that the past continues to influence my behaviors.  I may think I have left that behind and found healthier ways to deal with life but that’s just not the case.  These insidious and subversive patterns and embedded in my brain cells.  They can’t be rooted out until I acknowledge they exist and begin to take those steps to change them.

I have often written of knowing what I need to do and not doing it.  I think that is the answer to this question.  I can make a bulleted list of what will get me on track and remove these hindrances but I don’t do them.  This dysfunction is familiar to me and as the saying goes “better the devil you know”.  I’m hoping this devil and I have done our last dance.  I’m sure we’ll still occasionally partner up – we’ve been engaged in this little contretemps for a long time, but it’s time to change up the dance card.  Just because this devil knew me first doesn’t mean he knows me best.  I know I can do this, I can make these changes and stop repeating these patterns but first I need a cup of tea.

BoS As Above 9 of FireBoS As Above Imbolc

Two more reversals – I’m batting 1,000 right now.  Today’s cards show two different yet powerful deities – Brigid and Pluto.  Of course it should make sense to me because both their energies are connected to the issue I’ve been exploring this week – healing old patterns and embracing healing and prosperity.

Looking at Imbolc I see Brigid kneeling at the waters edge adorned by her crown of lit candles.  Her right hand is scooping water out of a cauldron while her left is pouring water into the pool in which her leg is dipped.  A rabbit sits next to her and a sheep wanders in the field behind her.  In the distance the sky is just beginning to show the gorgeous sky blue pink hues of morning.

As a powerful goddess of inspiration, healing and snithcraft, Brigid even managed to survive Christianity destruction of Pagan gods and beliefs.  She transformed herself into St. Bridget – midwife to the Virgin Mary and foster mother to Jesus.  Imbolc is sacred to her as well as a celebration of the returning of the milk to the sheep. It’s a time to rejoice in the fact that the earth is finally begin to awaken.  There may still be snow on the ground but beneath this wintry blanket the land is slowly coming back to life.

Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld and wealth.  The companion book describes him as a surgeon that cuts away the dead tissue.  I see him as something of an initiator too.  He helps us face the darkness in ourselves so that we can move forward and bloom in new ways.  Only by cutting away the dead flesh, burning the dead wood, can we see new growth.  This card symbolizes those issues we know are looming ahead, the ones we keep trying to avoid but which eventually snare us.

In answer to my question, I think these cards are telling me that once I’ve healed myself from these past behavioral patterns and embrace abundance and prosperity, I can help others deal with similar issues.  This is a journey for me and not one I expect to finish any time soon.  It took me a long time to get this way so I anticipate it taking just as long to change those patterns.  Along the way perhaps I can share my experiences with others suffering from these issues and offer some guidance.  I don’t need to be the expert, simply the one who has gone before.

BoS As Above GoddessBoS As Above Omens

Oh goody, two reversed cards.  I just love reversals.  Actually, all snarkiness aside, this makes perfect sense in terms of the question and the issue I’ve been visiting this week.  While discussing my reading on Monday with a friend she posed the question I’m using today.  She pointed out that we often repeat behavioral patterns we learned in childhood and from our families even when they’ve ceased to be useful.  In my family financial stability was an illusion for most of my childhood.  My parents were perpetually broke which resulted in a lot of change and upheaval.  At the same time there was a small core of stability in my life because we always moved around in the same neighborhood and my maternal grandmother was always part of my childhood.  This created a situation in me that means I’m uncomfortable with stability because I’ve never known it; it’s uncharted territory for me.

As my friend pointed out, I tend to thrive in chaos.  I perform well under pressure.  In fact I spent most of my academic career function that way.  I regularly waited until the last minute to complete assignments and received great grades.  As a result I never felt the need to learn effective time management skills or become more organized.  Now I’m starting to realize that if I want to be a successful entrepreneur I’m going to need to acquire just these skills.

The Goddess (Empress) reversed is reminding me that abundance and prosperity were scarce in my childhood.  As a result I’m not fully sure how to manage them.  This results in situations where I either overspend while I have money or am not able to effectively budget when things are tight.  I end up finding myself in stressful and chaotic situations.  In the past this has been annoying but not created serious problems.  Now that is no longer the case.

Omens/Warnings (The Tower) reversed is telling me I haven’t fully dealt with some of the fallout from our changed circumstances.  I am able to deal with the craziness that results from caring for the in-laws (once again thriving in chaos) but long-term planning and financial stability are just not a focus right now and they need to be.  We’re so busy acting on what’s going on today that we aren’t planning for tomorrow.  We’ve also learned that several of the plans we had made are no longer feasible.  We haven’t fully dealt with those changes either.  It’s as though the lightning has hit the tree and a huge branch that is now broken hangs over my house but I don’t see the urgency in removing it.  That’s just short-sighted and irresponsible.  It’s also another pattern I learned in childhood.  I had so little control over the craziness around me that I just gave up (in certain areas).  I focused on what I could control and excelled in school and other arenas.

So now that I can see these lingering childhood patterns my next step is to change them.  I just need to take some baby steps so that I can gain some mastery over this area.  Towards that end I’m reading about time management and making some efforts to actually implement them in my life.  I doubt it will be easy but at least I’m learning.

Book of Shadows As Above Wheel Book of Shadows As Above Ostara

I was blown away to see these two cards appear in response to my question.  I have the feeling that this particular line of inquiry is going to yield life altering results (assuming I actually implement the recommendations).  Right now I’m up to my armpits in snow so the only exploring I can do is within myself.  Sometimes that’s not the most exciting terrain to hike alone but I must say it does often produce surprising results.

Both these cards speak to me on two levels, one is the external “real world” level and the other is my internal landscape.  The Wheel of the Year serves as a reminder that life is change.  This cold, snowy weather will eventually give way to the warmer, rainy days of Spring.  My life will eventually turn and I will find myself in a different place with different responsibilities.  Right now I feel as though I’m at the lowest point I’ve been since childhood – broke and not really sure what to do next.  The difference is that this situation is my responsibility.  In childhood I had very little control over much of what occurred in my life.  That isn’t the case right now.  If I want to feel in control of things then I need to take responsibility for those things I can change.  I think the Wheel is reminding me that sometimes things just aren’t meant to be changed – at least not at this time.

That is one of the challenges I’m facing with the hubby.  He is a fix-it kind of guy.  He truly believes that if we can figure out the right formula or actions we can change this situation.  I know that isn’t the case.  We’ve done what we can to make the mom-in-law and brother-in-law comfortable.  I’m exploring external resources the might be available.  We can’t change the physical realities of this situation.  My brother-in-law is deaf and developmentally disabled.  My mother-in-law is either suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s or something that looks so similar as to make no difference.  She will not recover from this.  The only release is death.  I know that’s extremely difficult for the hubby to accept (hell, it’s not so easy for me to accept either).  What makes it more difficult is that on a deep level we both realize that the most likely change to this situation will be mom-in-law dying.  Not a pleasant truth to face.  The Wheel of the Year is a reminder that “to everything there is a season”.

The Wheel of the Year also reminds me that if I want to fully embrace who I am meant to become I need to learn to embrace and work with change.  I’ve been focusing on time management lately because my skills (never the greatest) have slipped so much they are nonexistent.  Procrastination has always seemed so much easier to me because there were little consequences to letting go until the last minute.  Even in school my grades were good with the amount of effort I put into it.  What would be the point of spending more time on assignments when I was already getting great grades?  I’m sure there reality is that I would have gained even more insight from the lessons had I done the work but sometimes my reasons for pursuing advanced degrees were convoluted and didn’t always involve acquiring insight.  Sometimes I did it just to prove that I could.  Not the most enlightened reason for doing things but often at the core of my motivation.

In my career I often  had the same experience.  With some minor bursts of effort and energy just prior to the deadline I was able to complete assignments that proved more than satisfactory to my supervisors.  Spreading that energy and effort out over a longer period of time just seemed silly to me.  Now I’m finding those patterns are holding me back.  With no external pressure to force me to finish, I just keep procrastinating.  I think The Wheel is telling me this behavior needs to change too.

Ostara (Temperance) is connected to the Pagan Sabbat celebrating the Spring Equinox; the time when light and dark are in perfect balance.  Light will soon emerge triumphant, increasing slightly more each day after the Equinox but for this moment they are perfectly balanced.  However this balance is hard won.  The cold and darkness of the winter months does not give up without a fight.  There will still be times when the cold is numbing and the darkness seems never-ending.  However the light and warmth just keeps taking baby steps until the tide has turned.

I’ve read that Spring is not for the weak and that is true.  Thinking of the rains and upheaval that precedes the shoots of new life bursting forth, it’s rather amazing that we survive it.  This creates a crucible when all life is weighed and the necrotic parts are sloughed off.  Having Ostara show up reversed for me makes me realize I need to take a hard look at where I’m resisting sloughing off necrotic cells.  One example is my doll collection.  For years I was an avid collector of Barbie and Fashion Royalty dolls.  I found relaxation in redressing them, taking photos, making up backstories.  Over the last few years I have found myself less enthralled with them.  There are still many I will keep but I know it’s time to release some and yet I resist.  I’m convinced that once I let them go I’ll rediscover my love for them.  This indecisiveness paralyzes   me.  I need to stick with my decision and take the steps necessary to make it happen.

I have the sense that this ability to clear away the dead wood – old records, dolls, books, etc. is essential.  Before I can embrace the light and welcome it back into my life I need to let go of these things so that I can actually see the light.  Right now I’m so block in and weighed down by things that I can’t see anything else.

On an inner, spiritual level, I think Ostara is telling me that I’m not taking time for myself.  Yes, my life is hectic and chaotic and much of my decisions are based on how my in-laws are behaving at the moment but I’m completely ignoring that I might need time alone.  How can I weed through all these things I need to sort out if I never make the time?  It won’t magically happen.  I’m not Samantha from Bewitched; twitching my nose won’t organize and weed things out.  This ties in with my need to get better at time management.

I think these cards are telling me that before I can embrace the person I am meant to become, first I need to make some room for that person in my life.  I need to eliminate the old versions of me that are no longer necessary.  New growth can’t happen until the underbrush is cleared away.  Right now I need to focus on clearing out the underbrush, the overgrown weeds that are choking the vitality out of my life.  Once I can take steps towards accomplishing this, I believe I’ll find a new life blooming forth for me.  Right now my life is a badly cluttered room – there are lots of things lying around but I can’t see what I have anymore.  It’s time to change that.  Before I can pour magical rainbow energy on the eggs in my basket I need to be able to find the eggs.

BoS As Above 10 of Air BoS As Above Ace of Water\\

The image on the 10 of Air is wonderful – what a fabulously different interpretation of this card.  The Tarot reader sits with her cards arrayed before her as sylphs dance around her.  I can just hear them whispering in her ears; offering divine wisdom based on the cards drawn.  She seems quite calm and confident; not the least bit unsettled by these helpful winged creatures.  She has long grown use to receiving messages from the Universe and feeling the breath of divine messengers in her ears.

The Ace of Cups is an active, vigorous card.  Barbara Moore describes it as depicting the symbolic Wiccan Great Rite; the union of the athame and chalice, of male and female.  It shows the source of all life; the activation of potential, the divine spark combining with the primordial waters.  It offers the promise of a new psychic bond; a deeper intuitive connection to the life energies that surround us all.

So what’s to fear?  Oh please, that’s easy.  I’m afraid of becoming that woman; of representing that connection to the Universe for other people.  I’ve seen how some people can react when given a Tarot reading.  It becomes a prophecy written in stone.  No amount of explaining or warning can rid them of this conviction.  That is a huge responsibility.  I don’t take Tarot readings lightly, despite the sometimes fun, light-hearted approach I sometimes take.  I would not want to frighten a client with a negative reading.  Of course I’d like to hope that I’m a skilled and sensitive enough reader to avoid this.  I think it’s time to activate my Wonder Twin powers.


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