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Barren, desolate

Seared wasteland of a lost soul

Strangely beautiful

CotD – 3 of Wands (Tarot of the Crone)

Magical cauldron

Creativity snakes forth

Searing, transforming

CotD – The Moon (Tarot of the Crone)

Lunar lunatic

Insane eyes capture the view

Crazed epiphanies

CotD – 7 of Wands (Tarot of the Crone)

Embracing the fire

Dancing wildly in the flames

Transforming takes risk

CotD – Ace of Swords (Tarot of the Crone)

See things more clearly

Sharpen your wits, seek the truth

Cut through the bullshit!

Bones scraped raw, exposed

No more protective coating

Secrets revealed, healed

Revealed mysteries

Cracking the shell you have donned

Your true self retrieved

CotD – 2 of Cups (Tarot of the Crone)

Looking in your heart

I see your loving, sweet soul

And my heart’s desire

CotD – 3 of Disks (Tarot of the Crone)

Working together

On the road to our future

To grasp the gold ring

CotD – 10 of Disks (Tarot of the Crone)

Tired, worn and frayed

Life carved its path through my skin

Left wisdom behind


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