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CotD – 4 of Wands (Bohemian Gothic)

Waiting in the night

Festivities begin soon

Dark sky embraces

CotD – 7 of Cups (Bohemian Gothic)

Eyes to the night sky

Pondering options for fun

Mischief is a choice

CotD – The Hermit (Bohemian Gothic)

Working in darkness

Exploring the wild unknown

Uncharted trails blazed

CotD – The Magician (Bohemian Gothic)

Work magic, cast spells

Manifest people’s desires

Blow smoke up asses

CotD – The Star (Bohemian Gothic)

Pale breasts bared to you

Offering hope, light, a way

Suckle and be healed

CotD – 6 of Cups (Bohemian Gothic)

Vivid memories

Childhood’s ghosts always revered

Today fades away

CotD – 10 of Swords (Bohemian Gothic)

Tears at your graveside

Mourning all that has been lost

Life pulls me forward

CotD – 10 of Wands (Bohemian Gothic)

Carrying my load

These shadows a weight I bear

Pressing on my soul

Riding to my goal

Even headless I remain

Stable and steady

CotD -4 of Pentacles (Bohemian Gothic)

Clinging to old ways

Illusions of youth and grace

Stubbornly obtuse


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