Tarot Hunter’s Salt Rounds:

  • Have you taken time to look around at what you’ve accomplished and make your decisions and choices based on this history? Or are you simply flying by the seat if your pants?
  • It’s time to stop ignoring where you are in your life right now and hoping to postpone big decisions. Take your head out if your ass!
  • Are you avoiding making a big decision because you don’t feel you deserve the opportunity? Perhaps you don’t believe you’ve put in the time & effort? This might even be true, but what are you going to do about it? It’s time to decide – either be honest with yourself and decline the offer or take the chance (maybe those that offered it to you see something in you that you don’t ) and change your patterns. Either way, it’s your call.

The Hermit – After having our world turned upside down we might find ourselves in need of a retreat; to regroup. Instead of considering what we need to do to conquer the world, we ponder what will allow us to fulfill ourselves. We are still searching the darkness and trying to forge our own path through the darkness but now it’s the darkness within ourselves. We’re working towards finding truths in our soul that will allow us to lead a more fulfilling life moving ahead.

Strength reminds us that enacting these types of changes in our lives requires fortitude and inner strength; the need to stick with it especially when the going gets rough. This card reminds me of people who, after some dramatic shift in their career or life, manage to pick themselves back up and move forward again. It symbolizes those who find the inner fortitude to add a second act to their lives. The divorced woman who finds her passion in life again. The middle-aged man who discovers that he still has a lot to offer. Instead of letting themselves become defeated and miserable, they pull themselves up and find new meaning in their lives. They fight to find fulfillment and satisfaction.

The Chariot is our mode of transportation to get to that new place of fulfillment and satisfaction. Once we’ve made the decision and set the intention to find new meaning in our lives in Strength, we need to find the way to make it happen. We need to pick up the reins, grab the steering wheel and drive ourselves towards our new destination. We need to determine what route will serve us best and what speed we intend to travel. Do we want to take our time and enjoy some rest stops or do we want to get there as fast as we can? Either way, the decision and the choices are all on us. Do we believe this part of our lives has been fated? Is it our destiny to make this journey? Only you can decide that for yourself.

The Lovers reflect all the choices that still remain in our journey through life. I often like to view fate or destiny as a series of points on a map that we must experience – how we get there and how long the journey takes is up to us. I like to think it’s the combination of destined experiences and personal preferences that are reflected by the two different horses in this card. How & where we choose to steer them is on us.

The Hierophant shows us as we step into our role as mentors, lore keepers, historians. We have now reached a point in our lives when we can teach and guide others. We can show them the options available to them; share our stories. We can help open their eyes to the traditions and history that preceded them and allow them to determine who they might wish to incorporate this knowledge and wisdom into their own lives.

The Emperor is our journey to self-sovereignty. We no longer need to build an external empire, instead, we need to feel as though we are finally in charge of our own lives. We are the masters of our fate; the lords of all we survey. We no longer see success as an external measure but rather an internal one of personal satisfaction and fulfillment. It’s not about money and possessions, it’s about feelings of accomplishment and pride.

The Empress is when we finally learn how to nurture and embrace our true selves. We finally allow ourselves to explore our internal creative energy. Instead of feeling the need to focus on external objects or people, we aim it at ourselves. We tend and care for our own secret gardens and learn to feed our inner needs and desires. It doesn’t make us selfish but rather self-centered in the best possible way. Tending to ourselves allows us to replenish our resources and be there for others when the need arises.

The High Priestess guards the veil behind her. It is not something she parts lightly because one what awaits behind it is revealed, it can never be unknown again. When she pulls it aside we realize that what it hides is our true selves. We are finally ready to learn, accept and embrace who we truly are and were meant to be. We realize that we need to do things for ourselves; to nurture our souls not because they meet someone else’s need. In my experience, when the veil parted I was faced with my feral thirteen year old self – the part of me I’d tried (and failed) to civilize over the years. I was able to reconnect with that energy and unleash her into my life today. It was quite an amazing experience.

The Magician allows us to realize that (much like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz), the power to make things happen in our lives was in our hands the entire time. We are not dependent upon others to grant us power; we merely need to accept and grasp it. We often hear people talk about helping to empower others but the truth is we cannot do that. We can only help them understand that the power lies within them and only they can use it. That is what The Magician shows us at this point in our journey. Perhaps it’s near the end of the road but the message is no less valuable.

The Fool is our final stop. This is when we embrace all our foolish qualities and trust in the world again as we prepare to take that leap and move beyond this life into something new and unexpected. We are still leaping into the unknown but now all our knowledge and wisdom has combined to make us realize that we truly know nothing and the journey is always about the experiences and the learning. We have to believe that what awaits beyond is something new and exciting. Perhaps this is why so many of us believe in an afterlife – we want to believe we are leaping into something,  not just nothingness.

The World – Mansions of the Moon Tarot

Mansions of the Moon Tarot
ZADOK (dahogue@nctc.net)

Traditional meaning: The principle of totality, individuation, and wholeness; having everything available to you and being at center stage in your life; the principle of universal love; success, achievement & satisfaction; understanding your reason for being.

Tarot Hunter’s Theories This card brings to mind the idea of a string of worlds all connected, like something in a science fiction novel. And yet they share a common center, a common source. All the elements are present and necessary, no one better than the other. The World is a reminder that we are all part of each other.

I also see the rosary of globes as a string of possibilities – each representing a possibility, a path that may or may not be taken. They represent the unlimited potential that surrounds us all. The World is all that we are and all that we can be. At the core of this potential and these possibilities rests the guiding force behind it all. The One, God, the Great Spirit – whatever you chose to call it, it is the source from which the Universe began. In our own lives, we are the center, the source from which all else proceeds. We are the creators of our own reality. Our decisions, our choices, our successes and our failures create the world in which we live.

But we, like the globes surrounding the woman, are not islands unto ourselves. We are all connected so the decisions made by others impact on our lives too. So whether our impact on our world and on others is positive or negative is ultimately up to us. So in some respects, I guess we are our brothers’ keepers.

CotD – 3 of Wands (Arcus Arcanum)

Your hand upon mine

Concentrating energy

Creatively joined

Wheel of Change Sun

Wheel of Change Sun

Wheel of Change Tarot
created by Alexandra Gennetti
Published by Destiny Books, 1997
ISBN #0-89281-609-0

The Book says: When you have drawn this card in your reading; it is a time of recognition for you. You have just been able to see the independence of something against the complex background of the world. Perhaps this is something inside of you, but it need not be. You realize that because you are now able to see that the individuality of all people is the issue and that any relationship is between two separate individuals. We are each traveling our own path and experiencing a brief moment called life. It is a learning journey, and the light of the sun is the light within each of us that grows brighter and then dimmer as we travel. The Sun is a metaphor for the recognition of individuality, both our own and others. When the Sun is part of your reading, it is a time of new beginnings, and like the winter solstice it is a time when the warm light within you grows stronger.

TarotBroad’s Buzz: This card is reminder of the possibilities of new beginnings and the potential present in every child. I worked with children on a daily basis and it was wonderful to see the untapped possibilities present in each of their faces. Their Sun energy shone so brightly and so strongly that you believed they could accomplish anything. These two children, standing together holding hands, would almost be a perfect symbol for unity and racial harmony. They represent hope for a bright future and the youthful joy and exuberance symbolized by the sun. They are also a reminder that each time we begin a new project or pursue a new path in our lives we are tapping into this solar energy. Think about how excited we become about new opportunities and new interests in our lives. On a smaller level, I feel this way each time I get a new deck of Tarot cards. There is the excitement of getting something new, the joy of becoming acquainted, the new sense of inspiration and enthusiasm. When we gain new insight into our lives or to a situation, we are feeling the Sun’s energy.

The Sun is so full of hope, joy and exuberance that it brings a smile to the face. Have you ever walked outdoors on a warm sunny day and turned your face to the sun, just enjoying its warmth and light? Have you ever watched a sunrise or sunset and just been awed by the gorgeous colors streaming across the sky? Whenever I feel myself shining and bristling with confidence and energy, I know I’m channeling the Sun’s energy. The Sun represents our chance to dazzle others with our brilliance and revel in our accomplishments; our time to enjoy our place in the spotlight. We should all experience moments when we are truly the center of our own universe.

This card is also a reminder that although we all need to work together for certain goals, we are individuals. When we join forces we do not meld into one being; we are separate but joined like pieces of a puzzle. I can also see this being the key to equality in our lives. We don’t all need to be the same, we just need to accept that each of us has a value and worth. Even in any relationship in our lives, we do not truly merge with that person or those people. We retain our individuality, our separate beliefs, attitudes and ideas. If we don’t we run the risk of becoming too dependant or getting involved in an abusive relationship. The Sun is both a symbol of hope, a sense of self and future possibilities.

Wildwood 7 of Arrows

It’s such a gorgeous day outside that I changed my focus a bit.  Instead of focusing on the Shadow I decided to look at soulwork issues.

Looking at the image on this card and its keyword (insecurity), what strikes me is the arrows piercing the woman’s body.  Are these the arrows of self-doubt?  Of inner demons and critics?  Despite the arrows embedded in her body, the woman’s expression seems melodramatic.  It’s almost as though she isn’t truly wounded but is acting as though she’s wounded.

That made me wonder about the nature of insecurity – at least in my case.  There are times when I claim to be insecure or self-effacing about something but in reality I’m just fishing for praise.  Have you ever found yourself doing that – seeking reassurance and reaffirmation that you are good at something (or at least not as bad as you fear)?  That’s the message I’m getting from this card today.  Her pose is so contrived and her expression so overly dramatic that I want to say “just get over yourself!”  And there are many times when I want to say that to myself too.

In relation to this question, I think she is telling me that I need to stop letting myself get held back by self-doubts and insecurities.  They can only hold me back if I allow them to do so.  They can only hurt me if I make them reality.  They are phantasms; illusory weapons that can only wound if I give them the power.

I often see this card as representing the reclaiming of one’s own power.  That can certainly apply here.  By not allowing the slings and arrows of self-doubts, negative opinions and inner critics to wound me and hold me back, I am reclaiming my power.  I am standing up and saying I can achieve anything as long as I believe in myself.  What a great message for such a beautiful day.

Tarot of Prague 5 of Wands Tarot of Prague 3 of Wands

Where am I weakest?  5 of Wands R (Prague)
Where am I strongest?  3 of Wands (Prague)

I am weakest in letting go and picking my battles.  Instead of being selective and focusing on which battles are important, I waste energy in futile and pointless struggles.  The 5 of Wands has always reminded me of a bunch of school kids engaged in mock battle.  Nothing is truly gained or lost but they enjoy tussling with each other.  As an adult, I no longer have the energy necessary to expend on these types of energy drains.  And yet I continue to do so.

I think the biggest energy drain and futile battle is the one to try to change the reality of my in-laws’ circumstances.  No matter how much I wish my mother-in-law would “snap out of it” that’s just not going to happen.  I also experienced this futile waste of effort when I kept acting as if I could start a business as a Tarot reader by sheer force of will.  The reality is that right now my time is not my own.  I don’t have the time or energy to devote to maintaining a website, promoting and marketing myself and actually providing services to clients.

On the positive side, I’m strongest in establishing projects that really take off.  Once I am able to channel all that creative energy I have inside, I think I’ll be able to see my ship come in and find success.  I think the 3 of Wands is also letting me know that I will find a way to build the partnerships and networks I need to achieve this success.

So my biggest challenge is accepting that sometimes the time is just not right for what I want to do.  Timing is everything and right now my energies need to be focused on my in-laws’.  I will have the time to focus on my goals, dreams and desires but now is just not the best time.  So rather than righting that reality, I might be better served by focus my energies on what I can achieve and using my energies in a more productive fashion.

Old Path Sun Old Path Page of Rods

How ironic – The Sun is hidden from me on a cloudy day.  That makes sense.  Of course I’m not referring to what I literally cannot see right now.  On a figurative, spiritual level I think The Sun reversed is telling me that what I cannot see in y life right now is a chance to shine; my turn in the sun.  I can’t see how I can gain recognition and the adulation and admiration of others (yes, it may be rather shallow but I’m being honest about it).  I am by nature a solar creature.  I’ve always identified more with the sun’s energies than with the moons (although I do prefer nighttime to daytime).

When I was younger and familiar only with Greco-Roman myths, I described myself as a “father’s daughter” type because that was the only paradigm I knew.  As I learned more about other pantheons and find myself establishing relationships with Irish and Norse deities, I came to realize the sun is see as feminine in these cultures.  That makes more sense to me.  In generations past the mother did not leave the children.  She was a constant presence in their lives, like the sun.  The father was the one who would go off – to hunt, to work, to war.  His presence was more intangible and less clearly defined.  His energies and influences more vague and nebulous like the moon’s.  The father was and could be the light that made us feel safe in the dark while the mother was the brilliant radiance and warmth that surrounded us with constant love.  It’s funny, despite my past issues in my relationship with my mother I always knew she loved me and wanted me to succeed.

The Page of Rods symbolizes me and how I need to find new ways to express my fiery, creative energy.  I think he is the solution to the cloudy sunshine in my life.  He is showing me that I need to re-learn how to feel validated and successful.  I cannot count on being recognized by external sources so I need to find internal ways to fulfill that need.  He’s reminding me that I need to continue on this path even when I’m not sure I’ll find what I seek.  If I give up now I’ll never find the answers I seek.


BoS As Above 4 of EarthBoS As Above The Path

It has occurred to me that my behavior in certain aspects of my life force me to wonder why I am so resistant to making changes I know will be in my best interests.  Some of these would impact my health (specifically eating patterns).  Others could impact my profession (such as updating my blog to include a page so that anyone interested can order an email reading).  Still others would just provide overall improvements to my quality of life (such as getting more organized).  In my mind I know these things but I can’t bring myself to implement them.  If I were reading for a client who had this issue I’m sure I’d offer some pithy, practical advice to get her/his ass in gear.  That made me wonder what is causing this resistance; what am I afraid will happen if I do these things?.  So I decided to ask the Book of Shadows As Above Tarot that question.

I had to laugh when I saw these cards appear because on the surface the 4 of Earth didn’t make sense to me.  I looked up the card’s meaning in the companion book and a few things became clearer to me.  I’m not afraid I’ll become a gnome or too set in my ways (that ship has already sailed) or stingy.  As I looked at the stones and crystals on this card I realized that perhaps one of my fears is becoming a resource to others.  As long as I keep things on a light, casual, almost flippant level I don’t have to take responsibility.  If someone challenges me about a statement I make I can always back off with the “I was only kidding” excuse.  Taking this to a professional level means I need to be responsible to my clients and treat the cards and those relationships with integrity.  I may also be in a position to help people mine their own lives to find the buried treasures that lie within.  Being that kind of resource terrifies me.  It’s one of the reasons I didn’t pursue a PhD in psychology.  The idea of having vulnerable people come to me for advice, clarity and counseling frightened me.  I felt like a phony to even think I could offer that kind of wisdom and support to anyone.  Instead I took shelter in sarcasm and smart aleck responses.

The Path seemed to bring me a clear message as soon as I saw it.  I am afraid of being that person who can walk out into the wilderness and blaze a new trail.  I give enormous credit to people who choose to read Tarot cards or other non-traditional services in a professional and public manner.  It really does have the potential to put one beyond the pale.  I remember the reactions I got from people when they learned I was pursuing a MA in psychology.  I often got comments like “oh you’ll never figure me out” or “what am I thinking” (obviously some folks still have a distorted view of psychology).  That might have been another element that made me reconsider pursuing a doctoral degree.  I don’t mind being a bit odd  or “out there” but I usually don’t want to scare people away completely.  And the people who tended to be drawn to a psychology student tended to scare me away.  Pursuing Tarot as a profession would mean taking that first step on an unexplored, unknown path.  I have no idea where it might take me and I’m afraid to find out.

I’ll be exploring this issue more as the week continues because I am committed to taking this step and if I want to succeed then I need to stop sabotaging myself.

Tarot of the Crone Ace of Cups Tarot of the Crone Magician

Oh my goodness – this ties in beautifully with the message I received yesterday.  It seems that the biggest challenge I need to face is loving myself.  In order to manifest the things I want in life I have to believe I deserve them.  In order to believe that I need to love myself.

The woman’s face on the Ace of Cups seems joyful, strong and serene as it is washed by the rain.  I love that feeling of lifting my face up to the sky and letting the rain just wash down over me.  On a gorgeous Spring day it leaves me feeling refreshed and renewed.  That is the energy I need to tap into now.  I need to refresh and renew my caring for myself.  It’s so easy to put self-care on the back burner when you are caring for others but I have to remember to make myself a priority too.  I’ve said it before but never managed to achieve that goal.  It’s time to stop the bullshit.

The Magician is an awesome figure; somewhat scary and overwhelming but reassuring too.  It looks like a big maw just waiting to devour whatever lies in its path.  It hangs above a cave or opening and I must pass through to claim my power.  I must face what frightens me and enter the darkness to find what I seek.  I’m not sure what scares me more – failing or succeeding.

The bottom line is that if I don’t try I’ll be forever haunted by “what ifs”.  I’ve always appreciated the saying “the only regrets I have are for things I haven’t done” and the idea that it’s better to regret things you’ve done than things you didn’t do.  I have enough “what ifs” in my life and I want to reduce the number I add to my life moving forward.  It’s time to let love for myself refresh me and strengthen me as I enter that dark cave and find the treasure hidden within.  I know I can do this.


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